Version 1.2 – Sort ordering and more in the News

More folks are discovering and regaining their focus. has been described as “an essential extension and something Apple should probably copy“,one of the best apps of 2021, and one of the “27 must-have tweaks, utilities, extensions, and widgets for your new iPhone“! Humbled by the praise and hope to live up to it.

Version 1.2

Version 1.2 of is now live in the AppStore and addresses some of the most common feedback:

  • Sort order: There’s a new option to change sort order (oldest first or newest first).
  • Larger buttons: Close buttons are now larger based on feedback. A future update will support buttons that are revealed on swipe.
  • Close all: A common piece of feedback was the ability to close multiple tabs so we’ve added a close all button that closes all tabs. The best part is that it works with the search bar and will only close the tabs matching the search field. Now you can easily close all tabs from a particular domain or title in one click!
  • Private mode: Thanks to user feedback and reviews we were able to isolate and resolve an edge case that resulted in issues for some users when using private mode.
  • Remove duplicates: Ironically using too much could clutter up Safari with excess tabs. The new version fixes that by automatically closing duplicate tabs you might have created in the past.

Moar Feedback!

As always, we’re listening and acting on your feedback. Thanks for all your support and comments. Keep it coming!

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